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Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

The Basics of a Slip and Fall Liability Lawsuit

Recently, legislation changes have set back the rights of slip and fall victims, making an experienced lawyer essential to securing a fair verdict or settlement in these types of cases. At our law firm, our lawyers understand the difficulties presented by slip and fall lawsuits. We have the resources that are needed to addresses these issues appropriately. In slip and fall, we have the ability to prove liability cases have led many successful verdicts and settlements.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a slip and fall accident, you should find a lawyer as quickly as possible. You or your loved one may be able to file a lawsuit for premises liability, and we can help!

What Are the Grounds for a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Your lawyer will have to prove that your accident was caused by a condition on the property was dangerous. In addition to that, you will need to show that the owner knew about the condition for your slip and fall case to be successful. Furthermore, the condition has to be one that a reasonable person would not have anticipated, and it must pose an unreasonable risk of harm to those on the property.

Your lawyer will have to show the following to prove that the property owner knew of the dangerous condition:

  • They created the dangerous condition
  • They knew of the condition
  • They were negligent in failing to correct the problem
  • There was a period in which the owner should have noticed the dangerous area and should have fixed it before you slipped and fell.

This means that you will have to prove that an owner was negligent and created the hazard that led to you slipping and falling.

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers & Attorneys near meIn some cases, your lawyer may be able to prove negligence by showing that the owner violated a relevant statute. For example, safety features must be installed and building codes must be followed. If you were on a walkway that did not have appropriate railings and fell, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property since they violated the building codes that were relevant to the fall.

We Will Gather Evidence for Your Slip and Fall Case

To help prove the property owner was negligent, your lawyer will gather evidence shortly after your slip and fall. They will take photographs of the following:

  • Your injury
  • Obtain your medical records
  • Question witnesses to the hazard or incident

If the accident took place in a public place, such as a grocery store, your attorney would obtain a copy of the accident report on file. It is important to contact a lawyer soon after your slip and fall incident since people can forget crucial details and key pieces of evidence can be lost before you file a claim.

How to Define a “Reasonable” Property Owner

Your case will depend on the property owner and if they acted as a reasonable person would have in normal circumstances. If the owner acted reasonably, you might have a hard time filing a successful claim against them.

However, if the owner of the property acted as anyone else would in a similar situation, you may take legal action if you were injured.

Our lawyers will ask the following questions as we investigate your slip and fall lawsuit:

  • Did the area that was hazardous exist long enough for the owner of the property to be aware of it?slip and fall injury settlements in Florida
  • Does the owner have a procedure in place for examining their premises on a regular basis?
  • Does the owner of the property have proof of their standard procedure for inspecting the property on a regular basis?
  • Was there a reason that the area was hazardous?
  • Was there any way to make the dangerous area safer?
  • If there was an object that caused the injury, could the object have been placed elsewhere to make the area safe?
  • could the owner have put a warning sign or barrier to prevent the injury from occurring?

A victim’s carelessness will play a part in determining liability, so the answers to these questions are important.

What Should You Know About Landlord Liability for Your Slip and Fall Accident?

In some states, according to the law, a property owner can be held liable for a slip and fall accident. It is the responsibility of a landlord to maintain their property’s common areas in a safe and reasonable condition.

If there is a condition that exists that is unsafe, and the owner knew about it or could have done something about it, then they could be responsible for paying damages to the injured party. Proving that a landlord was negligent will be different in every case. To make this determination, courts will look at factors such as:

    • Length of time the dangerous condition existed
    • The severity of the hazardous area

Landlords can be held liable for slip and fall that occur in their tenant’s apartment in certain circumstances. A landlord must inform the tenant of any known, latent defects on the premises when they first move in. If they fail to notify them of this danger, the owner may become liable, especially if the tenant could not have discovered it on their own. If there is a violation of a building code or ordinance, the landlord may be held liable for slip and falls that happen as well.

Contact our attorneys today for help if you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident!